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... sculptural ones

These hooks make the perfect pair.

Hang them on the walls and whisper to their ears. They know how to be discreet and blend into the decor, listening out for all your little secrets. The more ears there are, the better your secrets will be kept.

The enamelled porcelain gives these pieces a precious and sculptural finish.​ Look for the details that make each ear different, either left or right, they are unique.

Coat hooks

Manufacturing PORTUGAL

Design & Packaging FRANCE


Earthenware / Shiny white enamel

H 11.5  W 5.6 D 3.8 (cm)

Box eco-designed in FRANCE

Screws & dowels included

- Photo non contractuelle -

Les pièces étant, en partie, réalisées à la main,

il peut exister de légères différences entre elles.
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