Founded in 2014, Made in WAW ! is a French brand whose first  designs have been revealed in 2019. 

It takes time, passion & patience to create a WAW collection!

The editorial line is narrative & unusual; the surprise is hidden in the details. Each piece, whether it be an object or a piece of furniture, is named after a specific human characteristic or expression according to its form & function. The object is thus personified and finds its place at the heart of memories and in our daily lives. 

Made in WAW ! wishes to promote the know-how of the best French and European manufacturers. An imaginary and luxurious world, focused on products with precise and precious finishing touches.

In the long term, the brand wishes to publish and highlight its favourite French designs

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Designer & founder of the company and a graduate with a Master's degree in Design from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD).  Her stories unravel in volumes. She is hands on with a head full of creativity, yet down to earth! 


After ten years of designing the universe of her clients: their brands, their places and their events, she decided to put pen to paper to write a new chapter and imagine her own narrative collection. Thus began the began the development of the first objects; from design to manufacturing, no detail has been left to chance. For a story to be coherent, it is essential to master the whole narrative weave.


Her high standards have led to a collaboration with partners and manufacturers of excellence, who share her taste for a challenge and the revaluation of hand crafts. Her spearhead is to combine emotion with elegance, with a touch of insolence.


There is a country, close to Wonderland, where objects come to life and grow like no other.

WAW ! is a region not far from here, where excess reigns supreme.

The motto "Think big - Live bigger" resonates until nightfall. The objects that emanate from it at dawn all have their own character and the power to combine both the useful and the unusual.


Raised on the emerged lands of dreamlike Design; a form of game, a game of form, are the fertile ground of puns, which are here to tickle our cheekbones. Giants with golden hands shape these everyday companions, straight from the wild imagination of a designer who sees big, very big.

WAW ! imaginary manufacture. An A rather than an O to express spontaneous Astonishment completed with the exclamation mark. A mysterious acronym.

What an Amazing Wonderland ! / Wish And Wonder ! ...To be continued